Mrs. Prive's Second Grade

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the things you can think up if only you try!” Dr. Seuss

Red Sox Day

In honor of the Red Sox’s opening day at Fenway Park, the children, and staff, are invited to wear Red Sox gear to school tomorrow.  It is a fun way to show some school spirit.


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Jump Rope for Heart

As I am sure you have noticed, Jump Rope for Heart information went home yesterday.  This is always an exciting event for the school, and such a great cause.  More information should be coming home tomorrow, in the Thursday notice.  The Jump Rope for Heart event is scheduled for May  3rd.   Our class will be jumping from 1:25 to 2:05.

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This Week in Wonders…

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Save Fred…this week’s STEM project

This STEM activity was all about teamwork.  The story goes… There once was a lonely worm who set said on the sea.  When suddenly a storm hit!  The waves were so huge that it capsized poor Fred the worm’s boat.  As fate would have it, Fred was able to climb on top of his boat.  However, his life preserver was stuck underneath his boat.  This is where our challenge came in.  The children had to work as a team to get the life preserver out from under the boat, get it on Fred, and flip his boat back over…all without letting poor Fred sink.  They only had four small metal tools, and could not injure (stab) Fred, or touch him with their hands.  It took a few tries, but almost all teams were successful when they listened to each other, and worked together.  This proved to be a very frustrating challenge for many.  However, I was impressed at how many teams did a nice job of working together to accomplish their goals.



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Phew…the children had to work pretty hard, but they accomplished their goal of twenty class points.  We have been working on showing expected bobcat behavior in the classroom, and throughout the school.  The children voted, and chose to make slime, as their reward.  Oh boy  Now, I’ve made a lot of playdoh in my lifetime, however, I had never made slime.  But, if this is what the children wanted, then I thought it was a perfect opportunity to meet our science standards and learn about states of matter. 🙂  This actually was a super fun activity.  It was fun to see the kids have a blast, during a well deserved reward.

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Peep Experiments

What better way to get ready for the weekend, than to do some experiments with Peeps?..

So…since the focus was on states of matter, I thought, why not experiment with states of matter with this friendly Easter candy.  We set out to learn about changing states of matter, and to determine what a reversible and irreversible state would be.  To demonstrate this, we heated, froze, and worked on dissolving marshmallow Peeps.  It was a lot of fun to see what happened to the poor little chicks and bunnies during these experiments.  The children had a lot of fun, and learned some new things.


here are the before:

and…here are the after:

This poor vinegar peep had nothing left but his eyes.

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This Week in Wonders…

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Leprechaun Homes/Traps

On Friday, we created some simple machine traps.  We learned what some basic simple machines are, and then the children planned on how to incorporate a simple machine into their trap.  I was impressed with how the children planned, designed, and reflected upon their designs.  It was a fun way to end the week. 🙂  I was sad to hear that no one was successful in trapping one of those sneaky leprechauns.  I hope they didn’t play too many tricks at your homes.  We are still drinking green milk, in our house.  😉

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Crazy Sock Day

This Wednesday is

This Wednesday is World Down’s Syndrome Day.

NBCS, and our class, are going to wear some funky socks to help spread awareness.

Down’s syndrome is a genetic disorder that is caused by the presence of three copies of the twenty first chromosome, instead of the usual two.  It’s the most common genetic chromosomal disorder and cause of learning disabilities in children.  It also commonly causes other medical abnormalities, including heart and gastrointestinal disorders. -Mayo Clinic


We hope that the Math Monkeys will show their support, and help spread awareness by wearing their fun, and funky socks this Wednesday


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Biome Research

The last few weeks, we have started to learn about different biomes.  The children watched some brief films, introducing each of the biomes.  This week, we will start to do some research on their chosen biomes.  The children will be using three different web-based resources, as well as a text resource, or two.  The children will collaborate with their book buddies to do some of this work.  They will search for, and take notes.  Their culminating activity will be to create a glogster to present their information.  The kids are excited to start this project, this week.


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