Mrs. Prive's Second Grade

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the things you can think up if only you try!” Dr. Seuss

Field Trip

Field Trip Reminders

Dear Parents,

On Thursday, June 7th the students in second grade will travel to Squam Lake Science Center in Holderness, New Hampshire.  The students will be walking the nature trails as well as participating in the Have to Have a Habitat workshop.  Students will learn about natural communities and how the organisms that live together work together.

*Chaperones-Please be in our classroom around 8:00 so we can review expectations with everyone.

Our Schedule:

Depart School at 8:15

Arrive at Squam Lake Science Center at 10:00

Depart at 2:30 to arrive back at NBCS at 4:00  PLEASE PICK UP ON TIME – If someone other than a parent is picking up their second grader, please make sure that they have a note, so that I can verify who they are leaving with.  Chaperones are allowed to take their children with them from Squam Lake, however, I will need a signed note, prior to leaving NBCS.  

What to Bring/Wear

·      Lunch-no glass bottles

·      Snacks for AM and PM Bus (No drinks. Cut fruit is a great idea!)

·      Dress for the weather

·      Sweatshirt – in case the weather is cool

·      Comfortable shoes (No flip flops)

·      Bug spray/sunscreen on in the morning – teachers are not able to apply/reapply.  However, the children are welcome to bring it.

–    If time allows, the children may visit the gift shop.  So, they are welcome to bring money, if they wish to purchase something.

We have lots of wonderful chaperones to help make our day even more fun! Please remind your children to listen to chaperones and instructors, stay on the trail and have fun!

As always, if you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Second Grade Team

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This Friday, we conducted  some experiments on pollination.  My hope was that the children would have a better understanding of how seed dispersers share seeds, pollen and drink some much loved nectar.  This was a perfect lesson to illustrate that.  The children had constructed a flower, and two pollinators.  Those pollinators then had to dip into the pollen, which they quickly shared with another flower.


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Wow.  Another big thank you to the PTA for sponsoring a visit to us from the Audubon Society.  Ms. Hilary had some pretty great lessons for us, regarding seed dispersal.  We started our lesson inside, but shortly thereafter, we continued outside to collect some data on seed dispersers.  The children had a lot of fun with all of the hand-on elements of these lessons.

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We also did a little bit of planting, of grass seed, to learn about the basic needs of plants, and to further investigate seed dispersal.  The kids had some very rich conversations on what they already knew about plans.  We discussed decomposing, composting, and many other elements of plants.  We are excited, and hopeful that our plants will start to grow.

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We spent a few days last week, talking about plants, and their functions.  We did some experimenting with beans.  In conversing with the children about what they knew about plants, there appeared to be some misconceptions, in whether or not a plant needed soil in order to survive.

We started with dry seeds, measured, observed and made some predictions about what we thought the inside looked like.  After soaking some beans overnight, we were able to split them open and investigate the inside.  The children had a lot of fun with this, and seemed genuinely excited when they learned what the inside looked like.  They were careful scientists during this lesson.

For the second part of our lesson, we decided to experiment as to whether we could make a plant grow without soil.  The children “planted” a couple of seed in a bag with a moistened paper towel.  We then hung them on the window, to give them as much sunlight as possible.  We are excited to observe and track our findings.

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This Week in Wonders…

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No spelling this week.

Given that this is a short week, and we have several interruptions, we will not be having a spelling list this week.  🙂  The children were pretty happy about this.  Tomorrow is our Memorial Day assembly, and Thursday we have the Audubon coming to help us learn more about seed dispersal.  Therefore, we have decided to take a week off, from spelling.  That being said, we are going to spend a lot of time this week, working on grammar adverbs), and plants.  I am hoping that the children can enjoy some of the beautiful weather that we are scheduled to have.

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Memorial Day Assembly

Once again New Boston Central School will have a Memorial Day recognition at 9:00 am on
Wednesday,May 30th in the school gymnasium.  We invite all veterans
from any branch of the military as well as currently enlisted members of the military
to a light breakfast in the Readiness Room (8:30 am) and to attend the program as
special guests.  Please call the office at 487-2211 to let them know if you are able to attend.  The second graders also look forward to performing their song.
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Folktales STEAM

So… we have been working hard to learn all about folktales.  The children have done an amazing job with this unit.  I am proud of their ability to describe, discriminate between, and discuss attributes of folktales.  They also have done a nice job of writing their own.  This week, we read a fun version of the folktale “The Three Little Pigs”, as told by the wolf.  The children were tasked with creating a shelter that could withstand a fair amount of wind.  I was impressed with the thoughtfulness, revision and care that the children put into their plans and designs.  I was also impressed with their ability to revise their original plans, and the encouragement that they gave one another.  The children actually made comparisons to a STEAM project that we did at the beginning of the year.  It was fun for them to reflect on how far they have come.  I am really proud of this group, and the progress that they continue to make.

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Virtual Reality Google Goggles

Wow.  What better way to finish up our unit on biomes, than by visiting them, via virtual reality?  What a fun morning we had visiting all of the biomes that we had been studying, with the new Google virtual reality goggles.  We are so appreciative that the PTA has supported this venture, because it was so fun, and helpful to see, up close, these amazing places that we have been studying.

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